Addressing today’s challenges through creativity and innovation

Entrepreneurship translates an idea, new product or work process, or invention into a good or service that creates value. Also included is the development of value-added propositions to address business challenges, including taking on financial risks in the pursuit of rewards.

Sergio Monsalve

“In this brave and fast-moving world where innovation and adaptability are highly rewarded, all Mudders now need to have an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ in order to have a successful career, regardless of whether or not they plan to become an entrepreneur. This mindset has become essential, and it will give all Mudders who learn these tools the resilience and adaptability needed to have a more successful career in this increasingly uncertain and changing world.”

Sergio Monsalve Former HMC Board of Trustee member and venture capital investor

Entrepreneurship Clinic Projects

Harvey Mudd Clinic Team Designing First Nonprofit Solar Panel Factory

In 2018, three projects focused on issues of social justice, funded in part by an educational leadership grant to President Maria Klawe from the Carnegie Corporation.

Arctic Ice Project Deployment Method Investigation

Arctic Ice Project is a nonprofit seeking to preserve and restore the Arctic through safe and effective albedo modification techniques.

ScreenPortal: Improving Spatial Presence Across Single-User Screens

Team members built a prototype system that acts as a visual window into another environment.

Join the network

The Harvey Mudd College Entrepreneurial Network (HMCEN) is an informal social network designed to offer support resources for Harvey Mudd College students, alumni and faculty who are engaged in entrepreneurial startups. The HMCEN began as a traditional networking organization sponsoring regional meetings for alumni and students to promote startups and entrepreneurial projects.

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Funding Opportunities

The College seeks to provide opportunities to students from their first year through the fourth, so they can learn and grow and become entrepreneurs. Planned activities include seminars, workshops, events, summer fellowships and coursework that will provide education, practical experience and networking. To learn more about ways to support Harvey Mudd College entrepreneurship programs, please contact:

Kimberly Stafford
Interim Vice President for Advancement